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Research credits — IRS tightens documentation requirements for refund claims

In recent guidance, the IRS has imposed strict new documentation requirements on businesses that file refund claims for federal research credits. Currently, businesses may claim the research credit on an originally filed return or an amended return. This article explains that the new requirements apply to the latter, although it’s possible that the IRS will attempt to enhance the documentation requirements for originally filed returns down the road. A sidebar explores research expense deductions.

Business succession and estate planning go hand-in-hand

A business owner’s most valuable asset likely is his or her company. Thus, addressing it in an estate plan is critical if, for example, the person dies unexpectedly or becomes disabled. This article explains that an estate plan can help provide a smooth transition of the business to the owner’s children or other family members after retirement.

Are you making the most of your 401(k) plan?

One of the smartest ways to save for retirement is to annually max out 401(k) plan contributions. If one’s employer offers matching contributions, it’s advisable to contribute at least enough to qualify for the maximum employer match. However, the timing of one’s contributions can have an impact on eligibility for matching contributions. This article explains the ins and outs of “front-loading” contributions vs. spreading contributions out evenly over the year.

Tax Tips

These brief tips explain cryptocurrency reporting requirements; detail why rental real estate owners need to understand purchase price allocations; and explore why employers need to be cautious when providing employees with group term life insurance.

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