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SECURE 2.0 can help businesses attract and retain workers

The SECURE 2.0 Act has been getting a lot of attention for its many provisions that make it easier for people to save for retirement. However, the law can also have an impact on employers. Not only does it expand tax incentives for employers that set up new retirement plans, but it also helps employers boost participation in their plans. Plus, it provides opportunities to adopt plan enhancements that can help attract and retain workers. This article explores how SECURE 2.0 can benefit employers. A sidebar explains whether the law requires employers to amend their plans.

Complementary documents —
An estate plan benefits from a living trust and a pour-over will

A primary reason people want to keep their assets out of probate is because it’s a public process. It can also be time consuming and costly. A living trust is a popular document in a comprehensive estate plan because assets transferred to it don’t have to pass through probate. But what about the assets that weren’t transferred to a living trust during a person’s life? This article explains the benefits of pairing a living trust with a pour-over will.

Should married couples ever file separate tax returns?

Most married couples assume they should file joint income tax returns, and usually, that’s the right choice. But under certain circumstances, there may be benefits to filing separate returns. This article explores a couple of situations where it may be advantageous to file separately rather than jointly.

Tax Tips

These brief tips explain how qualified small business stock can help avoid capital gains tax; detail a U.S. Tax Court case that involves splitting assets among more than one charity; and warn taxpayers of scams involving offers in compromise.

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