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Is your business getting the credits it deserves?

It’s a challenging time to grow a business. So, any help a business owner can get in the form of tax credits, tax exemptions, grants, low-cost financing and other incentives can make a big difference. Unfortunately, these incentives often go unclaimed. This article explains two types of tax incentives: statutory and discretionary. A brief sidebar explores the availability of states’ sales tax exemptions.

Managing capital gains —
The right timing can result in significant tax savings

For those who plan to sell their capital assets, a little planning can do wonders for their tax bills. Capital assets include a wide range of property held for personal or investment purposes, including stocks, bonds, real estate, jewelry and collectibles. This article provides a few rules of thumb that may reduce capital gains taxes.

Net gifts differ from standard gifts

Thanks to the generous federal gift and estate tax exemption and the annual gift tax exemption, most gifts are shielded from tax. However, those who are concerned about the impact of transfer taxes on their gifts can make “net gifts.” This article details the ins and outs of making net gifts.

Tax Tips

These brief tips detail why Health Savings Accounts can act not only as tax-advantaged savings vehicles for funding uninsured health care expenses, but also as attractive retirement savings vehicles; and explain under what circumstances one should consider filing a tax return as “married filing separately.”

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